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Cloth Nappies - How to use

Considering making the switch to cloth nappies?
Our handy guide will take you through everything you need to know about pocket nappies.

What do I need?

We would recommend a minimum of 15 nappies to use cloth full time however some parents might be happier with 18-21 nappies.

Newborns can get through 8-10 changes a day but as the inserts required for newborns are thin, the nappies can be washed and dried pretty quickly. Older children will need less frequent changes but will require more inserts so the wash load will still be similar in size.

How to use

The first thing to do is to adjust the size of the nappy to fit your baby. The horizontal poppers adjust the waist and the vertical poppers adjust the height. For newborns adjust the nappy to be as small as possible (i.e the same popper setting on both the horizontal and vertical sides. For larger children leave the vertical poppers open and just adjust for the waist size accordingly.

Nappy 1 demnostrates newborn setting, nappy 2 intermediary and nappy 3 shows a nappy at its largest setting

Now it is time to add the inserts

The inserts are the absorbent part of the nappy. (The Wonderoo nappies supplied here come with two inserts – a small white microfibre insert/booster, and a rectangular bamboo insert and are shown in the picture above).

When you baby is small, a microfibre insert is likely to work best. Remember that all babies vary and sometimes it may be necessary to have a larger insert folded. A helpful tip is to fold so the double layer is at the front if you have a boy and the back for a girl.

When you are using a nappy is on the medium or large setting use a larger insert either on its own, or boosted with a smaller one to boost absorbency. 

For night times you could add an extra booster, which will help the nappy stay absorbent for the whole night.

Pop the inserts inside the pocket of the nappy  and ensure they lie flat. 

Now, to put the nappy on your baby, lie baby on the open nappy with the wings at the back. Pull the front of the nappy up over baby’s tummy and fit into the legs. Fasten the both waist poppers on each wing of the nappy. Check the leg cuffs are giving a close comfortable fit at the thighs – you can do this by running your finger around the inside of the legs of the nappy – it should be easy to do this but there should be no big gaps.

When it comes to changing baby, you will of course likely need some kind of wipes. You could make your own from squares of cotton or we would recommend checking out Cheeky wipes, for which we are an affiliate.

How do I wash them?

-the cold rinse is useful to remove soiling and to help prevent stains setting
-using non-bio is important to protect the materials which make up the nappy
-fabric conditioner can affect the absorbency of the nappies and so is best avoided
-drying outside can help with any staining as the sun has a natural bleaching effect
-if drying inside avoid damp areas