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  • Naked toilet paper

    Naked toilet paper

    💚 Natural 💚 Plastic free 💚 Packaging free 💚 Sustainable
  • Ocean Saver Cleaning pods 8 pack

    Ocean Saver Cleaning pods 8 pack

    OceanSaver Pods are a brand-new range of concentrated, water-soluble cleaning pods that transform into liquid cleaner when added to water.  Reusing your plastic cleaning product bottles to keep plastic under the sink, not under the sea. Remove the OceanSaver Pod from the outer packaging Drop the OceanSaver Pod into your empty bottle and fill with 750ml water. Replace the top and shake to activate the ingredients Ready to go! As with the majority of cleaning products, OceanSaver pods should always be kept away from children and animals, consider providing an alternative address if appropriate. This pack contains: Multipurpose cleaner x 1 Kitchen Cleaner x 1 Bathroom Cleaner x 1 Window and Glass Cleaner x 1 Floor Cleaner x 4 ALSO CHECK OUT THE 5 PACK
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mygreenscene is a family run business in South Wales. We are on a journey to make our own lives kinder to our planet and its people, and we would like to take you on that journey with us. We try to source only eco friendly, ethical products and send your order in recycled or reused packaging. If we all make small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a lasting difference to the future of our planet. EMAIL: info@mygreenscene.co.uk CALL: 07876 757362